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Videogames Localization

As a gamer and translator, I can do my job while thinking of the final client’s needs. I am extremely thorough with my decisions in order to make the product as users want it to be.

By knowing well the components of a videogame, I can deal faster with all the problems that may come up while translating: space restrictions, specific terminology, and even translating without a visual context.

In my experience as a videogame translator, I give more consideration to creativity. I believe it is the most important skill to resolve linguistic clashes, such as puns, idioms, and character naming.


The Spanish market has started to realize that the audience has become more impatient when demanding foreign movies and series releases. I know the protocols that subtitles must follow in general and for the hearing impaired and children as well.

I have subtitled in my free time since 2004, and I have got to know well how to handle various formats used in subtitling, such as SSA, ASS, SRT and SUB. I even got to help in the creation of PerrySub, an opensource subtitling suite.

I also master other professional tools such as Subtitle Workshop, Aegisub and VisualSubSync. I can transcribe, synchronize, translate and compress, and I can ensure the quality that the audience expects.

Website Localization

I am quite familiarized with most used languages for the web, mainly HTML (XHTML, HTML5) and JavaScript, so I can deal with raw files if necessary.

Also, my personal experience involves working with CMS such as Mambo, Joomla! and WordPress.

However, localizing a website is not just translating its text: there is a cultural element to it. I will always give you some advice in case some elements need to be changed for better.

Desktop Software Localization

I have always used Windows since their first releases and have studied Microsoft’s Style Guide. Microsoft is very thorough in using the proper terminology and so am I.

Help files are very important and the translation must very be clear and maintain the same terms used in the application so that the user can make the most of all features.

Additionally, I know well the formats used for localization and could also work with source code. As I try to keep up with new versions, I have already got to know Windows 8 localization formats.

App Localization

I already have experience translating games for iOS and Android platforms, but I have also translated apps in those platforms.

I know that the main challenge when translating this type of software is space restrictions, so I try to keep it short.

I have dealt with both XML and PLIST/strings formats, so my clients do not have to bother extracting the files from the resources of the app.


You took a step and localized your game into Spanish, but you do not speak the language and cannot know for sure about the quality of your product?

I can provide auditing services to analyze language and gather results in a rated system, so that you can understand if your localized product meets linguistic expectations.