About me!


The gist of me

My name is Concha and I am a professional translator. I do videogames, especially, because I have liked them a lot since I was a little girl. I had my first computer when I was six years old and have not stopped playing since then. I thought that I would make my own games when I would grow up, but when I was about to enter University, I chose one of my other interests: languages.

I have studied English Language and Literature in the University of Seville (Spain) while I translated Japanese animation series in my free time. Shortly after I graduated, I started working as a computational linguist in a company which does virtual assistants. I worked there for three years, but I already had in mind studying Translation before that. Currently, I am doing two master degrees on Audiovisual Translation and New Technologies offered by the University of Cadiz and the Menéndez Pelayo International University, respectively.

My goal has been to work as a videogames translator and now I am doing what I really love – combining videogames and translation.

Pieces of me

If you are reading this, maybe you would like to know which games I have played or what games I have translated. For the former you can have a look at my recently played games in the Played games section, and for the latter you can go to my Portfolio.

My favorite videogame genre is adventure, so I am a huge fan of classics Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Grim Fandango and Sam & Max. Lately, I have become fond of Bioware’s games such as blockbusters Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I also fell into World of Warcraft fever during six years, where I led my own guild and participated in tournaments.

You can see I am a PC person, but I also own –or try to own– all platforms. I have a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360, and portable consoles PSP and NDS. I just try to play all the games I can, and, of course, keep up with my work field.

If you are wondering why I have subtitled Japanese anime, it is because I also studied Japanese for four years. I have been in AnimeUnderground fansub since 2003.